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Project Assemble - Making Of

Project Assemble
By combines the ideas of real world racing and model kits.

Making of was attached to the section.
I decided to release part of the textures for free today. More freebie is coming!
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My computer spec:
i5 3330 3Ghz 4 cores 4 threads
12Gb ddr3 ram
GT620 graphics

I hope you like it, C&C always welcome

Marco cheng publish
Marco cheng d0002

Project Assemble Detailed 1

Marco cheng d0001

Project Assemble Detailed 3

Marco cheng d0003

Project Assemble Detailed 2

Marco cheng ideas

Project ideas starts with 2 months earlier, i want to combine the idea of real world racing and model kits assemble, because i'm a fans of car model kits. So I paint via 2d and 3d to developed my primary ideas. Basic Color scheme was developed.

Marco cheng livery

I'm a fan of racing, I really need to create the look of an race car. I referenced on Toro Rosso F1 racing team and paint it in Photoshop for quick explore. But the final livery is different, because some of the pattern haven't 'paint' to the car.

Marco cheng scupting

After that, I start modeling. One of the interesting part was making stickers(emulating real car paint job) , and sculpting is really fun. I start find some references to do with the stickers.

Marco cheng cloths

The vacuum bag and washing towel was simulated in Marvelous Designer. I do a sculpture in later on to get better details. Finally I do a fur fur grooming when i go to look dev stage.

Marco cheng hqassets

Several High Res Digital Assets was created in this project. These are the few example.

Marco cheng wall

Wall was developed after all models was textured. I decided to use Substances to do the procedural because i want it to be tileable and high resolution. After that i hand paint grunges to make it more natural.

Marco cheng tape

Masking tape is the key element in this project. I want to show the progress of a car assemble, so masking tape is a must. I did several research and test in this subject. I compares different method to get the best result.

Marco cheng thin film

Thin film interference effect was made through the research. Besides from the procedures, I also hand paint to get a better appearances.

Marco cheng vb

Vacuum bag was created by simulation and sculpting. Vacuum bag is the technique of making carbon fibre parts. So why not put it into my scene?!

Marco cheng ulititiestex

Per Object texture painting can be quite time consuming and getting very low efficiency. Thurs solving this problem by using procedure method can be take a great balance between speed and quality. All small objects was UV wraped automatically.

Marco cheng lc

Light and Look dev. I've done several light set to get a different favor to my pic. Sunset was used in the final.

Marco cheng lproge

Lighting Proxy. Specific for my heavy scene. Because i want to have quick respond.

Marco cheng scriptes

Python Dev. We developed a plug-in for quickly generate random textures with only one click, single shader and single texture loads. Very efficient to doing these randomness.

Marco cheng rendop

Render optimization was done for better speed and quality.

Marco cheng comp

Due to my poor machine(i5/12G/Gt620) i have to give up my original high end comp workflow, but still good to use the old way because no much things to change.